“QRRNT generates emission free electricity from low pressure water systems.”

QRRNT (pronounced “current”) is developing an innovative solution for energy recovery for industrial processes that use large volumes of water.

QRRNT was formed in 2017 by Julia Navarsete, it is located in Trondheim, Norway. The QRRNT ERT (Energy Recovery Turbine) generates clean electric energy from the excess pressure of water flowing though pipes. Any pipe where there is an excess of pressure can be used to generate electricity.

Locally generated electricity reduces the need to draw from the grid, therefore reducing energy costs.

The QRRNT ERT is ideally suited to act as a pressure reducing valve for large pipes of water. It can be controlled to vary the amount of pressure reduced to maintain a required pressure downstream, maintain a required pressure upstream, or reduce all available pressure for maximum energy recovery.

Just like a traditional pressure reducing valve, the QRRNT ERT reduces pressure, but instead of simply dissipating excess energy, the QRRNT ERT turns it into useful clean electricity that can be used locally or fed back into the grid.

In 2016 Julia won Angel Challenge Trondheim kicking off QRRNT’s ability to begin the production of the technology in earnest. With the support of Innovation Norway, NTNU Accel and QRRNT’s valued partners and investors, it is expected that QRRNT will start trading commercially in 2018.

QRRNT is presently in the phase of testing the first prototype, and preparing for production before the first pilot installations. Each installation will require custom made turbines which will involve an initial inspection of site to determine the specifications of the equipment and the potential energy savings.

With a team of five, QRRNT AS will increase the team as they progress through to production. In addition to the core team, QRRNT AS is working with a range of partners to ensure the highest of quality of product. The supply chain of the QRRNT product is carefully selected to ensure full visibility of the supply chain.

The QRRNT team has a strong focus on customer relationships, efficient operations and quality outputs. With an international twist, the team brings experience from a range of industries with each team member bringing a complimentary skill. The team has been crafted to ensure that a solid culture of innovation, professionalism and quality are built into the core company values from the beginning. Through these values, it is hoped that QRRNT will be a desirable place to work with solid working relationships with suppliers and clients.

QRRNT would like to hear from you if you are ship operator with scrubber systems, or have a land based industrial process where there is water with unrequired pressure.

For general inquiries, please contact sales@qrrnt.com to learn more.

For media related inquiries, please contact Founder and CEO, Julia Navarsete at jn@qrrnt.com or +47 900 80 800.

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